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【出撃レポート】5月4日 Kadena High School Prom @ Okinawa Kadena Officer’s Club

【出撃レポート】5月4日 Kadena High School Prom @ Okinawa Kadena Officer’s Club

501st日本部隊のメンバーが、沖縄のKadena Officer’s Clubで開かれた、Kadena High School Promに招待されました。
今年のプロムは5月4日に開催され、生徒たちはインペリアルオフィサー、Darth Revan、3人のストームトルーパー、反乱軍のR2ドロイドの参加を歓迎しました。

The 501st was invited to participate in the Kadena High School Prom, a formal end of the school-year dance for graduating 12th graders.
Since this year’s prom was held on May the 4th, students enjoyed a visit from Darth Revan, an Imperial Officer, three TK troopers, and one rebel R2 droid.
Stormtroopers met students as they arrived and escorted them into the promenade.
Students also had an opportunity to pose for photos with the Empire’s finest as entered the gala.
There were many smiles as our troops shared in the Star Wars themed activities.

TK6446, SL10365, ID50011 (with R2-D2), TK50140, TK83042