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Japan Chapter of the 501st Legion


【出撃レポート】5月19日 第9回ぷち*だがしや楽校 

【出撃レポート】5月19日 第9回ぷち*だがしや楽校 

そのイベントに去年に引き続き501st日本部隊とレベルリージョン ジャパンベースのメンバーが参加しました。

TX19758 : Rebel Legion Japan Base members

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“We weren’t expecting special forces”, and neither did the Rebel Legion, The event is to help children take a leading role in activities to help boast confidence and give them the life skills to make a difference. So the Empire sent its finest forces to help them!
The activities are spread over several areas, including food stands, game stands and counters selling crafts or activities to make crafts. The children took a lead role in promoting their booths or assisting people attending them through the sales of many items or explaining the rules of the game.
Many other supporting groups were there from cheerleaders to singers, so there was plenty of activities to keep everyone occupied.
The Empire was at hand t provide motivational support and a helping hand when needed, posing for photos or enjoying games and events throughout the morning.