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【出撃レポート】2018,04,20 Stearly Heights STEM Night at Okinawa Kadena

【出撃レポート】2018,04,20 Stearly Heights STEM Night at Okinawa Kadena

Stearly Elementary School invited the 501st to participate in their annual STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) Night. It was a fun filled evening of interactive STEM related activities setup around the school for students to enjoy. Students, parents, and staff enjoyed taking photos and interacting with Lord Vader and his troops along with a fully functional BB8. The Force was strong with the students at this school as students demonstrated their STEM skills!


TK6446, SL10365, SL31444, ID50011(with BB8), TK50140
Austin Willis and Geoffrey Hun as Storm Trooper (Non 501st members yet)