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【出撃レポート】9月30日 Are you the Chosen one? @ Kadena AFB

9月30日、沖縄嘉手納基地内のショッピングセンターで開催されたSTAR WARSイベント「Are you the Chosen one?」に501st(ファイブ・オー・ファースト)日本部隊のメンバーが出撃しました。

TK6446, SL10365, SL31444
Adam Martinez (Non 501st Member) as Scout Trooper, Jason Wilson (Non 501st Member) as AT-ST

The Kadena Exchange on Kadena AFB in Okinawa invited the 501st to support their Are you the Chosen One? event. It was an AAFES Star Wars promotion that included a Star Wars coloring contest, a Jedi Moves contest, and photos with our local Sith Lords and their troops including an actual walking AT-ST! Young padawans amazed the Imperial judges with their coloring skills. The younglings also impressed Lord Vader with their spinning acrobatic Jedi moves. The Force was strong with these kids! Many families of Star Wars fans stopped by to enjoy enjoy the event!