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【出撃レポート】10月14日 2018 Okinawa-Comic-con

【出撃レポート】10月14日 2018 Okinawa-Comic-con

10月14日 沖縄米軍キャンプフォレスターで開催された、沖縄Comi-Conに501st(ファイブ・オー_ファースト)日本部隊が出撃しました。
ここでは、動きまで再現された、BB8(Evan Lloyd作)の展示と501stに関する情報が掲載された写真を掲示。

TK6446, SL10365, ID50011(with BB8), TK50140, TK83042

Carolyn Lloyd-san (as Rey)

Back in 2010, the Marine Corps Community Services (MCCS) on Okinawa hosted a Star Wars Day at the Camp Foster Library which the 501st and Jedi Order participated in.
The event was a big success and the following year, the event morphed into a small local Comic-con.
Since then it’s grown in popularity and attendance each year and eventually had to be moved to a larger venue at the Camp Foster Field House.
The 2018 Okinawa Comic-con continued this tradition with the Field House filled with Japanese and U.S. comic/anime talent and many local comic/movie related vendors.
The 501st also had a booth setup where we hosted a photo area which featured a fully operational BB8 (built by Evan Lloyd) along with information about the 501st.
There was a steady line of Comic-con attendees dressed in a wide variety of costumes, including MANY Star Wars costumes, who wanted their photo with our Darth Revan and troopers.
It was a great day for the forces of the Empire on Okinawa!