501st Legion Japanese Garrison

Japan Chapter of the 501st Legion


【出撃レポート】2月24日 Saint Barbara’s Day Military Ball

224日 沖縄県 米軍キャンプバトラー内で行われた、米陸軍内の司令官表彰セレモニーに501st(ファイブ・オー・ファースト)日本部隊がサプライズ出撃しました。

The Force is strong with the U.S. Armys 1-1 Air Defense Artillery unit! Echo Company requested a secret appearance of the 501st at this years annual Saint Barbara’s Military Ball. The other companies learned not to underestimate the power of Echo Company as two TKs escorted Lord Vader for their companys contribution to the traditional artillery “Grog Bowl” ceremony. The entire ballroom erupted into cheers when the doors burst open and Imperial forces marched in to participate in the ceremony. It will be a day long remembered for the U.S. Army on Okinawa…

TK6446, TK50140, Mike O’Neil as Darth Vader( Not yet 501st member)