501st Legion Japanese Garrison

Japan Chapter of the 501st Legion


【出撃レポート】12月20日 南部こども医療センターお楽しみ会


The Nanbu Children’s Hospital invited us to support their Winter Festival. They wanted our appearance to be a surprise so this was a secret mission where none of the kids and most of the staff did not know we were coming.
We arrived in stealth (no costume or Star Wars stuff showing) and waited in the changing room while the kids went downstairs to the Christmas party.
After everyone was downstairs, Vader and his Legion joined Princess Leia and Santa as he visited and handed out gifts to all the children upstairs who were not able to attend the party. As the party downstairs was wrapping up, Santa made his appearance at the party downstairs.
Santa said he had some special friends visiting that night. To everyone’s surprise, Star Wars started playing and Darth Vader entered the room with the rest of his Legion marching behind him.
Our appearance was a BIG hit as many of the children and adults wanted to take photos with us. There was LOTS of Star Wars excitement and MANY smiles at the Nanbu Children’s Hospital that evening.


TK6446, TK10365, SL31444, TK50140