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【出撃レポート】10月15日 沖縄Comic-Con

2017年の沖縄Comic-conは、Samurai Jackの声優、フィル・マラーさん、ドラゴンボールの野沢雅子さんを招き、最大の物となりました。
III MEFバンドによる、スター・ウォーズ メインテーマの演奏により、沖縄コミコンの会場のドアが開かれ、イベントがスタートしました。
Evan Lloydさん作成によるR2-D2と共に、来場者との記念撮影に答えました。

Back in 2010, the Marine Corps Community Services (MCCS) on Okinawa hosted a Star Wars Day at the Camp Foster Library which the 501st and Jedi Order participated in. The event was a big success and the following year, the event morphed into a small local Comic-con. Since then it’s grown in popularity and attendance each year. The 2017 Okinawa Comic-con was the biggest yet with guest stars such as Phil LaMarr, the voice actor of Samurai Jack, and the legendary Masako Nozawa, the voice actor of Japan’s Goku from Dragonball.

The doors of Okinawa Comic-con opened to the III MEF Band playing the Star Wars theme as Lord Vader and his legion of troops welcomed hundreds of attendees who had arrived for the opening ceremony. The 501st also had a booth setup where we hosted a photo area which featured a fully operational R2-D2 (built by Evan Lloyd) along with information about the 501st. There was a steady line of Comic-con attendees dressed in a wide variety of costumes, including MANY Star Wars costumes, who wanted their photo with our Sith Lords, dark siders, and troopers. It was a great day for the forces of the Empire!

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SL3982, TK6446, SL10365, DS21403, SL31444, TK50140, TD92192
Adam Martinez as Biker Scout (Not yet 501st member)
Asa Pittman as Storm Trooper (Not yet 501st member)
Nicolas Perez as Imperial Officer (Not yet 501st member)
Evan Lloyd as Jedi&R2-D2 handler
Carolyn Lloyd as Rey