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【出撃レポート】5月4日 Bechtel Elementary STEM Night

Bechtel Elementary Schoolは、沖縄米軍基地 キャンプ・マクトリアス内にある小学校です。
我々501st日本部隊は、学校の行事の一つである、「S,T.E.M Night」に招かれました。
「STEMとは」S=Science(科学)T=Technology(技術)E=Engineering(工学) M=Mathematics(数学)を主題としたプログラムで、今年は特に、「宇宙探索」がテーマにおかれ、日程も5月4日(May the 4th)と、まさしく私達にはピッタリのイベントでした。

TK6446, TK50140
Mike O’Neil as Darth Vader( Not yet 501st member) / Carolyn Lloyd as Rey / Evan Lloyd as Jedi who built R2-D2

Bechtel Elementary School invited the 501st to participate in their annual S.T.E.M. Night (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics).
This year’s S.T.E.M. theme focused on the science and engineering of space exploration. Since it was held on May the 4th, Star Wars was a PERFECT match for the evening! Many space themed learning activities were set up throughout the school for students to explore. Lord Vader, two TKs, R2D2, Rey, and a Jedi were a HUGE hit as they posed for photos in the central hub of the event.
Over 600 parents and students attended!!! It was a fun filled evening of learning!