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【出撃報告】10月15日 Comic-con Okinawa @ Camp Foster

このComic-conは2010年に始まった、地方の小さなイベントでしたが、年々大きくなり、今年はOkinawa Comic-conとしては過去最大の規模となりました。
Evan Lloydさんが作ったR2-D2と一緒に撮影できるエリアや、501stの情報を提供するブースを設けました。

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BH6446, ID14220, TK20422, TK50140


Event : Back in 2010, the local Marine Corps Community Services (MCCS) hosted a Star Wars Day at the Camp Foster Library which the 501st and RL/JO participated in. The event was a big success and the following year, the event morphed into a small local Comic-con. Since then it’s grown in popularity and attendance each year. The 2016 Okinawa Comic-con was the biggest yet!
We setup a 501st booth at this year’s Okinawa Comic-con. We had a photo area which featured a fully operational R2-D2 (built by Evan Lloyd) and an informational area about the 501st. We participated in the Comic-con’s opening ceremonies by welcoming attendees as the doors opened and standing with the III MEF Band as they opened with the Star Wars theme. Throughout the day we had a steady line of Comic-con attendees for photos at our booth and we spoke to at least a dozen people who were interested in joining the 501st. I gave anyone who was interested my contact information, showed them the 501st website, and hope to guide at least of couple of them through the process of joining the 501st. We also had a donation jar setup for a local family in need of assistance, Lynsey and Fabian Gosin, whose daughter suffered a medical emergency during childbirth. We raised $469.29 to donate to them.


Costumed Non-501St Members:
Derrick Faulkner – Working on getting his Kylo Ren approved
Nick Perez – Borrowed my Boba Fett to wear
Kaylin Faulkner – custom red Mandalorian
Evan Lloyd – Jedi who built R2-D2
Carolyn Lloyd – Rey

Out of Costume Support:
Colleen Faulkner
Morgan Henry – Working on building an Anovos TK
Jessica Provan