Trooper Survival Guide

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1.6.4 Trooping:

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1.6.4 Trooping
1.6.4 トルーピング

Trooping is why we are all here, the important thing is to have fun, entertain the crowd and stay safe and healthy. There are two potential dangers that can easily be overlooked while trooping, Heat Exhaustion and Hypothermia. Heat exhaustion occurs when your body gets overheated and can no longer support its natural cooling mechanisms, See side bar for more information on the symptoms and treatment of heat exhaustion and heat stroke. Hypothermia, although less common for a trooper that heat exhaustion is a potential danger in colder climates or at outdoor events in a cool, wet and windy environment such as a parade, see side bar on the symptoms and treatment of hypothermia.

トルーパーにとって熱疲労と共通に危険なのは低体温症であり、寒い気候下でのパレードや、汗や雨で濡れた体が冷たい風にさらされるような環境での屋外イベントで発生する。低体温症の症状や治療はサイドバーを参照してほしい。 Arrive Early
Check in with your fellow Legion Members and the event coordinator when you arrive at the event. If you are the first trooper there, check in with the event sponsor or venue point of contact. If possible, before you suit up, walk the venue or area you’re going to be trooping look out for potential hazards, choke points, and blind steps.

●Use bathroom BEFORE getting into armor.
●Don’t troop if you are sick, dizzy, tired or under special medication. 会場には早めに到着しよう

●風邪を引いていたり、倦怠感、疲労感、特別な病状がある場合はトルーピングをしないこと Hydration is Important
Make sure you have enough food and drink during the whole trooping time (as trooping is quite exhausting, especially for beginners). The nature of our costumes and trooping events can put a lot of stress on a trooper. Always make sure to take frequent breaks and stay well hydrated. You may not always feel thirsty when taking a break but you may still be getting dehydrated, so grab a quick drink whenever possible. The lack of breaks and proper hydration can lead to heat related illnesses even under mild conditions. 水分補給は重要
適温な環境下であっても、少ない休憩時間や水分不足は熱中症やその他の病気を引き起こす原因となる。 Heat Exhaustion and Heatstroke
Heat exhaustion: Heat Exhaustion is a condition whose symptoms may include heavy sweating and a rapid pulse, a result of your body overheating. It's one of three heat-related syndromes, with heat cramps being the mildest and heatstroke being the most severe.

Causes of heat exhaustion include exposure to high temperatures, particularly when combined with high humidity, and strenuous physical activity. Without prompt treatment, heat exhaustion can progress to heatstroke, a life-threatening condition. [1]

Signs and symptoms of heat exhaustion may come on suddenly or may develop after days of heat exposure. Possible heat exhaustion signs and symptoms include:
●Cool, moist skin with goose bumps when in the heat
●Heavy sweating
●Weak, rapid pulse
●Low blood pressure upon standing
●Muscle cramps

Heatstroke: Heatstroke is a life-threatening condition that occurs when your body temperature reaches 104 F (40 C) or higher. Heatstroke can be brought on by high environmental temperatures, by strenuous physical activity or by other conditions that raise your body temperature.

Heatstroke is the escalation of two other heat-related health problems: heat cramps and heat exhaustion. In these conditions, you develop signs and symptoms that are milder than those of heatstroke. You can prevent heatstroke if you receive medical attention or take self-care steps as soon as you notice problems. [2]

Heatstroke symptoms include:
●High body temperature. A body temperature of 104 F (40 C) or higher is the main sign of heatstroke.
●Lack of sweating. In heatstroke brought on by hot weather, your skin will feel hot and dry to the touch. However, in heatstroke brought on by strenuous exercise (trooping), your skin usually feels moist.
●Flushed skin. Your skin may turn red as your body temperature increases.
●Rapid breathing. Your breathing may become rapid and shallow.
●Racing heart rate and strong pulse (tachycardia).
●Headache. You may experience a throbbing headache.
●Neurological symptoms. You may have seizures, lose consciousness, hallucinate,
●Difficulty speaking or understanding what others are saying.
●Muscle cramps or weakness. Your muscles may feel tender or cramped in the early stages of heatstroke, but may later go rigid or limp.

Avoiding Heatstroke and Heat Exhaustion
●Take Frequent Breaks
●Stay Hydrated: Drink plenty of fluids before during and after a troop. Water and "sports drinks" are the most beneficial to help avoid dehydration. Alcohol and sodas should be avoided as they can actually aggravate your dehydration.
●Listen: One of the symptoms of heatstroke mentioned above is a decrease in mental understanding. You may not be aware that you are developing symptoms of a heat illness. So, listen to your handlers, if a handler or fellow trooper tells you it's time to take a break do it.
●Don't be a Hero: Even if your in a parade or other venue where there isn't an easy exit or place to get out of view of the public if you start experiencing symptoms of heat exhaustion or heat stroke get to the side, find shade, sit down if possible, get your bucket off, get a handler to help, find water, rest. It is much better to have you break character in public than to have you pass out in public. 熱疲労と熱射病

迅速な治療がなされなければ、熱中症は生命にかかわることもある。 [1]


熱射病(熱中症):熱射病(熱中症)は、体の温度が104 Fを(40℃)以上に達した場合に発生し、命にかかわる状態である。

熱中症は他の2つの熱に関連する熱けいれん、熱疲労の症状をエスカレートさせる:医師の診察を受けたり、異常を感じたら即座にセルフケアを行うことで熱中症を防ぐことができます。 [2]

●高体温  (40℃)以上の体温は熱中症の主な兆候です。
●無発汗 高温下による熱中症では、肌は熱く、触れると乾いた感じになります。しかし、激しい運動(トルーピング)後は、汗をかいていて水分があると勘違いしやすいので注意。
●肌の紅潮化 体温が上昇すると肌が赤色にすることがあります。
●過呼吸 呼吸が急速に浅くなることがあります。
●頭痛 ズキズキとした痛み。
●神経学的症状 幻覚や意識を失うような発作の可能性があります。
●筋肉のけいれんや痛み 初期段階では痙攣や痛みを感じるが、しばらくすると筋肉が硬直し足を引きずるようになる。

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記事: 10530
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Real Name: Takefumi Tenshima
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連絡する: Trooping Etiquette to Interviews

投稿記事 by Two » 2013年2月10日(日) 00:24 ... _Etiquette Trooping Etiquette トルーピングにおけるエチケット

●Always behave as a stormtrooper is expected to, don’t force public to do things they don’t want (being prisoners... and so on).
●Watch out for kids, they are short and our field of view isn’t the best. You don’t want to hit them by accident
●Be polite
●Always carry extra batteries for your fans.
●If you had been asked for something you are not sure about, always send them with your officers! Do not invent an answer!!!
●Always make reference to your local unit website and 501st website
●Remember: We DO NOT SELL anything!!!! We make our own costumes.
●Never troop alone! always have some friend with you (cases where you are a lone trooper in your area)
●DO NOT expect ANYTHING in return. Don’t expect free parking, don’t expect food, don’t expect gifts, they may happen but don’t expect them.
●Remember to take a break every now and then.
●Always be aware of your surroundings


Even if you are in costume and not a handler, be mindful of your fellow troopers and if you notice someone badgering them, get a handler or step in yourself and discreetly move the trooper out of the situation.


●Always walk with a wall behind you (don’t think anything funny guys ), because there is always THE idiot willing to look smart in front of his friends to sneak behind and grab the detonator or steal your gun in the holster (breaking the whole belt by doing so).
●Watch out for people who are too enthusiastic... they could be dangerous for your costume. Over friendly hugs really hurt when in full costume


Trooping and physically or mentally challenged

●Treat them as you would anyone else in a friendly manner and with respect.
●Don't push, if they don't wish to interact with you, move along, move along. (this should be true of anyone you meet while in costume)
●Don't "react" to their disability.
●Get down on their level, if possible. Kneel, play "peek-a-boo" (give them a peek under your lid to show you're a person in there).
●If they wish to communicate with you then be patient, take your time.
●Be friendly and cheerful.

●強要しないこと。もし彼らがあなたと戯れたいと思わないようなら、さっとどこかへ移りましょう。"Move along, move along"
●フレンドリーに明るく振舞いましょう。 Handler サポートスタッフ

The handler or Imperial Support Staff is a vital part of any successful troop. You are the eyes and ears of your fellow troopers. It is your job to keep everyone safe, on time and damage free. You will likely be asked questions about the Legion and be asked to take photos of people with the troopers.


●Be the eyes and ears of the armored troopers:
●Watch out for children that get underfoot easily, so they don’t get stepped on or whacked with a blaster or backpack. Children are a big part of any event, since they love stormtroopers, and are usually a little too overjoyed to see them. (Some adults act the same way too)
●Stop the troopers when someone wants a picture and you have time, if not try to play ambassador and let them know you’re in a hurry to get somewhere.
●If the event has specific times and places for things “herd” the troopers to where they need to be when.
●Be the time keeper, keep the troop on schedule. Often troopers will need to be somewhere specific at an event. If the troops need to be somewhere keep an eye on the time, at a reasonable time before they need to be there, politely inform the people around the troops that they need to go and escort the troopers to their new destination. You might want to add some extra time because invariably they will get stopped along the way for “just one more picture”
●Remind the troops of breaks and make sure they take them. From time to time, about every half hour or so, check in with your helmeted characters to make sure they are doing ok, this can be a simple as a look and a “thumbs up sign” or discreetly stepping up and asking how they’re doing. If the troops need a break politely let the public know that your trooper needs to go for a few minutes and escort them back to the pre-event staging area / dressing area.
●Act as a buffer / body guard for the troop. (Someone always wants to push Vader’s Buttons or try to “steal” a nice E-11 Blaster, hijack a thermal detonator, or stick stickers on the armor.)

●要約してしまうと、トルーパーのボディーガードのようなものだ。(ベイダーのチェストボタンを押そうとしたり、イケてるE-11ブラスターを持っていこうとしたり、サーマルデトネーターをパクろうとしたり、アーマーにシールを貼り付けようとする輩が常にいるものだ) Parades パレード

Parades are special cases. Frequently a parade organizer will set specific rules and limits on non-costumed support personal. In a televised parade you may be requested to march on a specific side of the troopers so as to minimize the possibility of you being in the television shot. Parade duties typically include taking photographs of your troopers, picking up bits and pieces of dropped armor (watch for hand back plates and thermal detonators) and herding cats. Troopers like to interact with the crowd and my have a tendency to slow down or get side tracked by photo requests, Keep them moving.


If you are a photographer at any given event:

●Ttry to cover as much of the event as possible, taking pictures of as many of the costumers as you can.
●If there are multiple photographers, split the venue/workload in half for more coverage.
●The expectation of a photographer is that they record the event to the best of their ability, with fairness and equity, and provide the photographs within a reasonable amount of time (a week or two at best).
●With that said, the first duty of any wrangler is to the costumers, photography is secondary.

●付け加えて述べるのであれば、第一に優先すべきはコスチューマーのケアであり、写真は二の次である。 Interviews インタビュー

When being interviewed by members of the press, or independent media producers it is important to maintain the distinction between Lucas Film and the 501st Legion. While we are typically happy to grant interviews requests for interviews need to be evaluated to make sure that we will not be put into a situation where we may be requested to speak on topics not related to the 501st. Legion.


Lucas Film has requested that when conducting an interview we do so with "buckets off" to make a clear delineation between our membership and the characters we portray. For example it's appropriate for us to discuss specific charity involvement as a member but not appropriate for Darth Vader to say that "XYZ Foundation" is his favorite charity.


Interview Tips
●Buckets off: Identify your self as a member of the 501st either by name or TK-ID.
●Avoid controversial topics: No discussions of Religious or Political issues.
●Promote the Legion in a favorable light.
●Be Positive: Don't comment negatively on other Costuming Groups and Star Wars organizations.
●We Build our own costumes: stress that our costumes are all fan made.


Talking Points
●The Legion officially began in 1997.
●We currently have over 8000 members.
●The Legion currently occupies approximately 40 countries world wide.
●The 501st Legion is a totally volunteer organization
●How do I join: Visit
●Discuss your Garrison troops and accomplishments.
●Discuss your Detachment
●Mention Kids and Fun.
●We don't "get paid to troop" : Mention our charitable contributions and activities.

●入隊方法: を参照。
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1.7 Care and Feeding of Your Costume

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1.7 Care and Feeding of Your Costume
1.7 アーマーの手入れ

1.7.1 Pre Troop Briefing
1.7.1 トルーピングをする前に

●Unpack everything.
●Inspect your Armor, and or Hard props
●Ensure that your armor is free of cracks, dents, large scratches
●Fans are working inside your helmet
●Hard parts are clean and polished
●Inspect your footwear, make sure the sole is securely attached and the entire boot is presentable.
●Inspect your soft parts for storage damage. Iron or dry clean your soft parts where applicable.
●Repair any damage.
●Re glue things.
●Replace Velcro.
●Buff scratches.
●Touch up paint dings.
●“Magic Erasers” are great for removing marks on TK armor.
●Plastic polish.
●Ensure that you have everything packed and ready to go before your troop. An ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure.

●“Magic Erasers”という商品はアーマーの小傷を消すのに適している

1.7.2 Post Troop Briefing
1.7.2 トルーピング後に

●Unpack everything.
●Clean your armor and under suit!
●Wipe out the inside of your armor with Clorox Wipes or other mild cleaner. Dry thoroughly. There is nothing worse than stink moldy armor.
●Put you bucket on a bucket stand or mannequin head. Make sure there is plenty of air circulation.
●Vader’s (and other leather suits) turn your suit inside out and hang on a padded hanger to dry. You may want to give “problem areas” a quick spay of Febreze or a cheap vodka to help eliminate odors.
●Set shoes or boots out to dry. You may want to invest in a pair of shoe or boot trees they will help with drying and help the boots maintain their shape.
●Repair any damage.
●Re glue things.
●Replace Velcro.
●Buff scratches.
●Touch up paint dings.

●Clorox Wipes または中性洗剤等を使用してアーマーの内側を拭き、完全に乾かす。カビの生えたアーマーほど悪臭を放つものはない。
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記事: 10530
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1.8 Leadership and Discipline

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1.8 Leadership and Discipline
1.8 リーダーシップと規律

Good leadership and discipline go hand in hand. As a member of the 501st you are expected to abide by the rules. The rules have been thought about and debated by your leadership teams from the inception of the Legion to current day. These rules encompass behavior, trooping and costuming standards. Some are simply not written in stone because we expect you to understand the basics of good stewardship and behavior.

良いリーダーシップと規律は、密接に関連している。 501stのメンバーとして、君は規則を守ることを期待される。 規則は、リージョンの草創期から現在まで、君のリーダーシップ・チームによって考えられ、討議されてきた。 これらの規則はふるまい、トルーピング、コスチューム基準を含む。規律のいくつかは単純に我々が君が良い管理とふるまいの基本を理解すると期待しているので、わざわざ書かれてはいない。
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記事: 10530
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TKID: 6904
Member since: 2005 7 31
Real Name: Takefumi Tenshima
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1.9 Foot Notes

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1.9 Foot Notes
1.9 後記


Additions and corrections may be submitted to
追加と校正は まで。

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記事: 10530
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Member since: 2005 7 31
Real Name: Takefumi Tenshima
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